Our Before and After School Care Centre offers a wide range of programmes that cover cognitive, creative, physical and emotional development.

Our team of experienced and dedicated teachers guide the children in their studies and provide support where needed, while allowing them to develop holistically through well-structured enrichment programmes.

We also provide a well-balanced diet for the children, to ensure that they get all the adequete nutrition.

Holiday Programmes
Aside from existing in-house programmes, Glory Centre also organizes other holiday programmes and workshops to allow the children to learn new skills and hone their abilities.

For more information on our upcoming holiday programmes, do head over here or to our Facebook page for more details.

Workshops for Parents

Tuition for the Needy
The centre provides a tuition service at an affordable price for those in need.

Emergency Day Care
We provide day care services for parents who find themselves placed in the situation where, due to some unforeseen circumstances, are not able to immediately care for their child. For more details regarding this service, please do give us a call.

Care and Counselling Services