Glory Centre Community Services Association
Building a generation with a future

Glory Centre Community Services Association (GCCSA) is a Voluntary Welfare Organization (VWO) that has been registered with the Register of Society and Commission of Charities since 2004.  Our mission is to provide community services, with the emphasis on family values and community cohesiveness.
Our Association offers various family wellness-related programmes.

Promoting family well-being through organized programmes, while providing services to an increasingly busy community. At the same time,we aim to inculcate in young minds the importance social etiquette and moral value with or without Christian values.

We organise the yearly events to bring our community closer. Neighbourhood coherence is important as we need one another to bring out safe, clean and happy home. These activities and  programmes can also bring about well being for the people live in our community. Beside, many programmes for the community also can bring about racial harmonies  as we celebrate our festive seasons  or doing community projects together.

Holiday Programmes
Aside from existing in-house programmes, Glory Centre also organizes other holiday programmes and workshops to allow the public/children/residents to learn new skills and hone their abilities.

For more information on our upcoming holiday programmes, do head over here or to our Facebook page for more details:

Woman Support Programmes

Project A – Decluttering Your Home

  1. Recruiting women who are keen to tidy up their house.
  2. Invite them to join a class to receive training to declutter their house. (Minimum 3 to start, maximum, 12 in class.)
  3. 3 hours training session.
  4. The classes include teabreak and handout expenses. 
  5. In groups of 3 persons, to go to one of the house to declutter, take the photo before the work start. Aim to complete in one of the morning or one of the afternoon.

To take the photos after declutter. To have all the unwanted clothes and fashion accessories to donate to GCCSA.

  1. Other bulky items can give/donate to other organisations.
  2. To run this program once a month or when the needs arise.