Healthy life program

Name of the program: Nature and art wellness

Our motto for our organization is “refresh your minds”, “building a generation with a future”.


Singapore is a busy country, demand of life for everyone is great. People here are basically stressful.

We need to have support groups where people can come together to share their common interests so that they can destress from their works and families

Recently depression are on the increase also mainly due to the impact of Covid-19, as many are retrenched; paycut and also worry to get infected by Covid-19. This program also prevent depression as the people will meet new friends as they come together to do the activities and have their minds busy with something that interest them.

As our population are aging we also have to take care of the minds of the older citizens. The activities we do so in this program will help to prevent dementia, keep the seniors’ minds busy and active in the activities ; at the same time seniors can interact with one another in the group as they meet together.

Goals of this program:

1). To destress from stressful lifestyle

2). To prevent depression before it happens to the individual.

3). To prevent dementia for the seniors and also prevent it from getting severe.

Activities for the program

  1. Gardening is a good activity, people can share their knowledge together. They can join our green club to share their experiences in their gardening. For those who are interested but do not have any knowledge in gardening or those who have no space to grow plants; they can also learn from the simplest one i.e. sprouting beans which does not need space and much sunlight.

Gardening talks can be also introduced for growing flower, vegetable plants as well as air plant.

  1. Flower arrangement can be a good activities, the group can meet to do flower arrangement and also arranging floral bouquets ; they can learn from one another. We can also have a flower arrangement class; flower arrangement competitions.

  1. Field Trip to the garden to see plants, to breath in fresh air at the garden. They can also take pictures and share with the group. Group can also involve in outdoor drawing activities.

  1. Drawing flowers , vegetables plants or nature around can be interesting. They can use different medium of the art such as soft pastels, pencils, color pencils, watercolor, acrylic paint and even Chinese Painting. The group can meet to show their drawing or draw together when they meet. They can do art jamming together. These are healthy activities as the people work with colours and natures.

  1. Art and craft can be good activities to get the people to come together to learn new craft works. The participants can enjoy their craft works and also refresh their mind.

  1. Talk, workshop on healthy minds can also be introduced. Forum also can be good as the trained personal can help the people to have the knowledge of how to keep their minds healthy.

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Enhanced women’s life in challenging environment.


Women will be empowered, become strong pillar in their families and be equipped to contribute to the needy in society. 


  1. To give support to women in various seasons of their life such as parents, as single parents, as career women etc.
  2. To match women who are able to contribute to women in needs in giving them life skills training etc.


  1. To organise interest groups such as crochet, painting etc
  2. To provide regular parenting talk.
  3. To give inside-out training.
  4. To provide services to ease mothers’ fetching children such transport them to Centre.
  5. To train women in life skill so that they can develop the skill to help them in
  6. To provide educational programme to help up their children’s’ difficulty in studies.
  7. To have regular programmes such as reading programme for the neighbourhood children, movie outreach.
  8. To create job opportunities for women to do part time work such as packing for door gifts, making wedding door gifts.
  9. To organise programmes that will bring finance for the Centre so that it can be sustainable and also to support the needy women and their families.

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